About Us


MANSONS LABORATORIES had been established in the year 1985 by its Sole Proprietor DR. M.A. MANNAN (Ph.D) taking the advantage of the gradual developments of Biochemistry, Phytochemistry, Pharmacognosy and technological advancements around the world.

MANSONS LABORATORIES basically deals the Unani System of Medicine. The Unani System of Medicine originated in ancient Greece. The roots of this system go to Egypt & Its  sister civilization Mesopotamia. It is a holistic Temperament-based medical science. Now Unani System is molecular medicine in the whole world.

MANSONS LABORATORIES did away with the conventional procedures and equipment's and established a modern factory furnished with some pharmaceuticals machinery and set up a Quality Control. The company is distinct because of its outstanding product quality, world- class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and excellent service. Day-by-day MANSONS LABORATORIES  became a renowned health cure solution provider in Bangladesh. Always with its focus on strict adherence to quality standards.

MANSONS LABORATORIES will provide customers with world class medication for better health in the Unani Sector. It markets and produces branded generics for diseases infection to asthma, fever, baby medicine and hypertension to diabetes for both domestic and international markets.

MANSONS always dedicated to serve the humanity cure of ills  & grateful to Almighty Allah.


Provide people globally with high quality health care products at affordable prices in order to improve access to medicine and to provide employees an enabling environment that facilitates realization of their full potential.


We want to become a research based global Laboratories company in addition to being a highly efficient general manufacturer. To discover and develop innovative, value-added products that improves the quality of life of people around the world and contribute foulard the growth of our nation.


MANSONS LABORATORIES located at North Sanarpar, Demra, and Dhaka about 7 km of Dhaka, The capital of Bangladesh. While designing and constructing the plant, proper attention was paid to the latest concepts of cross contamination, air circulation and air handling, particle free finished equipment layout, process flow, hygiene and safety. Special care has also been given in selecting machinery and laboratory instruments. The plant has the most sophisticated machinery and equipment imported from abroad.


Today MANSONS LABORATORIES production covers a wide range of Unani Medicine formulation in different dosage forms. These include oral liquid, Capsules, Cream and Ointment, Semisolid, powder, Oil, Toot powder. It produces human products. At present its number of products exceeds 53 and more new products are being added every year.


Total Quality Control (QC) is MANSONS LABORATORIES avowed people oriented commitment for ensuring the highest obtainable quality and total customer satisfaction. Under the umbrella of quality control, manufacturing process at MANSONS LABORATORIES is carried out stringently in accordance with the provisions of CGMP standard. Accordingly, all employees and function adhere to the well documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for achieving the prime objectives of ensuring high quality. The Quality Control department of MANSONS LABORATORIES has outstanding facilities, equipped with most modern instruments & Staffed with trained and highly qualified personal. All procedures for testing, sampling and inspecting are clearly written, approved, implemented and recorded.


One of the fundamental aspects of our Corporate Objective is that our prime asset. It is not the machine or the technology alone, but the invaluable mix of man-machine interface that makes technology work. We believe that whereas the capacity of machine is limited, human potential is unlimited. As such, MANSONS LABORATORIES has been placing utmost importance on the continuous development of its human resources. We train people not only to do their job well, but also give them an environment which fosters personal and professional development. Being one of the most dynamic Unani Companies in Bangladesh, we are adequately staffed with highly qualified, experienced and innovative personnel. Young, energetic and highly motivated employees from diverse disciplines are working untiringly with MANSONS LABORATORIES at home and abroad. MANSONS PHARMACEUTICALS objective in this respect is to develop its human resources by way or imparting training both in-house and external institutions. With a field force highly professional marketing personnel, MANSONS is represented in every part Bangladesh to ensure promotion and distribution of its products at every level of consumer. With the sustained efforts of our aggressive marketing team a good segment. Team work is the secret of MANSONS success which has become a part of MANSONS culture.


Since commencement of operation at the new plant at North Sanarpar, Demra, Dhaka in 2006. MANSONS has been a success story. Its success in the domestic market prompted. MANSONS now has one of the largest and competent sales force and large distribution network of its own, treatment center & Operated from all over Bangladesh. A most dynamic skilled and dedicated marketing team comprising of pharmacists and doctors are at the core of the marketing operation. These highly skilled professional play a crucial role in providing the necessary strategic guideline for the promotion of its product. Accordingly, in line with a few top pharmaceuticals companies in the country, we are looking emphasis on selling its medicine to overseas customers. At present globalization is our top corporate priority.